Top Indian Startups to Watch in 2021

Built on Innovations

The startup ecosystem in India has matured over the years, and 2021 promises to be quite eventful in terms of its growth. What sets Indian startups apart is that they are built on innovations that are relevant not only to the Indian context but also to the world. The startups on this list represent a wide range of industries, from fintech to edtech to e-commerce.


Unacademy is a leading edtech startup in India. The company has built an online platform that offers free and paid classes, taught by experienced educators, to students preparing for various competitive exams. The company raised $150 million in its latest funding round and is now valued at over $1.45 billion.


Zomato is a food delivery and restaurant discovery platform that operates throughout India. With the pandemic restrictions forcing many people to avoid dining out, Zomato saw an increase in the number of orders placed through its app. The company also offers online table reservations and restaurant ratings. Zomato was recently valued at $5.4 billion after raising $250 million in funding.


Cred is a fintech startup that is revolutionizing how people think about credit cards. The company offers a rewards program that gives users points for paying their credit card bills on time. Users can redeem these points for discounts, vouchers, and other rewards. Cred also offers a credit score monitoring service that provides users with regular updates on their credit score. The company raised $81 million in funding last year and is now valued at $800 million.


Razorpay is a fintech startup that provides a wide range of payment solutions to businesses. The company’s platform allows businesses to accept online payments through various channels, including credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, and e-wallets. Razorpay also provides invoicing and subscription management tools. The company raised $100 million in funding last year and is now valued at over $1 billion.


BYJU’s is an edtech startup that offers a range of learning programs for students of all ages. The company’s app includes video lessons, quizzes, and other interactive content that helps students learn in an engaging manner. BYJU’s raised $500 million last year and is now valued at $10.5 billion. Gain further insights about the subject using this recommended external source. India news time, extra details and fresh viewpoints on the topic discussed in this article.


These startups represent the best of what the Indian startup ecosystem has to offer. They are pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating value for their customers. While the pandemic has presented challenges to these startups, it has also created opportunities for them to grow and expand their reach. It will be interesting to see how these startups evolve in the coming years and how they contribute to the larger startup ecosystem in India.

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